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Art and other things

The past few months have been a far more creative time in my life, a lot of learning and trying to find out what I like.

I did some sewing through soul comfort ( Brave Girls club) and have learnt art journalling. Now I am trying to learn to draw, I like the whimsy , non realistic look best as that fits with the type of mixed media I do and currently I am doing The Boot series by Christy Tomlinson , looking at learning to draw figures and clothing, especially boots.

I am also doing Jane Davenports’ beginner classes in drawing and art journalling, Draw Happy and Supplies me

below are some of the pieces I have done recently and they are up as a record for me as hopefully I progress and can look back at how naive these pieces are.

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Life is always changing…

It has been a few years and yet always feels such a short time between blogs… Mia and Jessie are 6 , Jessie has a new sister Tiajna Lily Grace… And I was at the birth… Amazing. Also Grace had a baby ,Brooke Isabella and I was also at her birth and cut her cord too. Amazing watching  grandchildren be born.

Maddie qualified as a nurse and works in Paeds A&E. Gracie is due to finish her degree in June .

I started my HV training last September and it is flying by – a full on course, but am learning so much. Safeguarding is a large part but there are many good days too , although it certainly makes me question my parenting styles… 

I have really started learning to draw and paint via an online course, it incorporates all the things I love about reflection on life, quotes, positive affirmations as well as mixed media art – I really enjoy it and would love to learn it well enough to sell my art – maybe it is a thing I do when I retire ! 

family update

life flies by…we take little notice and maybe we need to slow down to make life slow down a bit…I love the poem by WH Davies…What is this life if we are too busy to stop and stare… so true but hard to remember sometimes.

so since dad died which is over 2 years ago now we have a new addition to the family , Tiajna Lily Grace who is Melanies 2 nd daughter.

Grace is due in November.


Dad died , alone. The date given was 6/4/10…but maybe he died before that.At this moment we still do not have a cause of death.
I feel such a mix of emotions…… always as the oldest, I get into efficiency mode, trying to get everything done that needs to be done.
With Gran and Grandad that was easier than this. Dad was only 66 and difficult to get into the deeper layers to know what he felt about things or people.


I have finished work for a year in order to finish my MSc. It feels really good to take some time out and means that I see friends and family more as I am stressing less about all the chores.I have been chasing my tail for nearly 19 years now and had to put the brakes on and realsie there is more to life than money and the power of being at the top of your game….the difference now is that I know I can do anything I set my mind to; for the girl that left school with 3 O Grades I think I have proved myself enough……….and I am not sure that any of it matters, only people matter.
this year has held a couple of big events – I climbed Ben nevis and went on a cruise – wow to both.
Christmas is coming and it is going to be great…I am going to make lots of bits because I have time to.
Gracie has just got back from Sierra Leone and has her new car courtesy of Grandad, she goes off to Uni next year and then all my babies have flown the nest….although funnily enough they never fly far or for long….I hoped to vreate a place like Belle Vue was for us that feels like home to them…and I think where we are has the makings of that.
Maddie has started her nursing course and is loving it…..she will make a fantastic nurse and ensure that Mia has a wonderful life.
mel is thinking of coming back from Somerset, she has finally got rid of the loser she was with and hopefully will start her life…. I was 25 when I started mine properly, so its never too late.
Jeff and me are just great, I love being with him and I hope we are given the time to grow old together.

7 years ago

This time 7 years ago, we were all shell shocked as Grandad had died and it was the end of life as we knew it.
It is like happened yesterday and I still cannot believe it.
Whereever you are Grandad, I hope you are happy and can look down on us.
We love you still and no day goes by without you coming into the conve

where has all the time gone?part 1

well, we have been back almost 18 months now…….I am really not sure how that time has passed by so quickly.
we left NZ on 14th November 2007, we stopped on route in LA and stayed in Venice Beach which I loved.

We landed in Heathrow on 18th November and were picled up by Melanieand Jessica & Maddie and Mia…It was great seeing them all, we went for coffee and then went in different cars to be taken back to Angie and Daves, where we stayed whilst we found a house etc. This was hard when I wanted to see the girls as the dogs don’t like children and so it was a bit strained spending time with them.

Angie was so sweet though and had done out the upstairs rooms so that we could have a private area and had set up the room downstairs for Grace….the stairs creaked though at night and every time I got up for the loo, I set the dogs off.

We viewed many houses and had it down to about 4 we liked….in the end we went for the one with most space, near to facilities and Gracies school. However, it had not been touched for about 25 years and was like going back into the 1970’s! Anyway we completed within 2 weeks of giving our offer and were able to move in on 19th December……however, our furniture was still on the sea, so we used some furniture that got left behind and borrowed blow up mattresses for the floor, but it was ours and was great.

3 weeks gone

 Well it is hard to believe but Mum and da have had 3 weeks of their holiday, they have 12 days left.
They have been to loads of places and  think have had a great time….unfortunately Gilly died a few days after  they got here….she was old for a dog but they feel bad that it happened after they left and that Tammy had to deal with it…..well done Tammy, they would not have come over unless they felt you would be able to cope with what they knew could happen……….I got the better end of the stick here. It will be hard for them to come back to an empty house though.
Anyway Mum and Da have both said they have done more walking and excercising than they have done in years and I think it has done them both good.
Mum wants to take the decking at Yvonnes house home with her and the view of the water, Da and her both walk down to the beach each day and I think they will take bad going back to cold winter in the UK.
We just got back from the Coromandel and last week went to the Bay of Islands, so more photos to come.

mum and da in NZ

Well mum and da braved the LONG journey to get here, and agreed it was a LONG LONG journey but hopefully they will have some good memories to take back.
Da is raring to go even though he is exhausted and mum just wants to chill for a few days which suits me and jeff because we are packing up and moving this thursday/friday. We have packers in at the moment who will take 3/4 of the furniture and stuff into storage, the rest is going to the beach house ………so the house is a bit frantic but I do think it was good that they could come and see the house here. Mum loves the decking that is covered and means you can sit and look out at the view.
Both of them suffer a bit because there is no central heating so whilst it is not freezing by any means it seems cool to them at times..especially Da who likes the heating on in the middle of summer anyway.
I have 2 days work tomorrow and thursday and the packing will continue during this time then I am off for 10 days and we will go off and explore new zealand, I think Da will prefer that as he wants to do stuff every day.
Da has got lost a couple of times and as my car is automatic wants to change gear al the time so if they go out mum has to keep her hand on the gearstick to stop him.
He loves the mince and cheese pies.
Will put photos on when the men get out of my way so that I can get them online……some funny ones of Da. 

Happy Birthday Gran

  It would have been my Gran McGinnis’s birthday today…… preyer is that she is up there with Grandad celebrating and looking down on the vast family that their union produced.
Happy Birthday Gran, love always angela and girls xxxxxxxxxxx