Well I am now jobless!! feels funny after all these years, but good too, some time to think.
Leaving the country soon, funny after 40 years, but good too………..life is too short and you don’t know whats round the corner so live for today and try new things.
When I first started nursing ,an old lady I used to help at home said to me’ one day you will be old and unable to do the things you want, but if you fill your life up with new experiences then you can sit and think about them when unable to do them anymore, what a shame if you sit there thinking I wish I had tried it, even if things dont work out at least you have experienced something new and can remember it.’…………I have never forgotton that, she had some amazing stories to tell and relived them knowing she had lived life to the full, not regretting what she had not done!
so while I am scared, I like stability like most people, but the years fly by when you are doing the same thing day in and day out……….what do I have to lose, even if I come back after a year I will have experienced some things I would never have done if I stayed here.