mel is 21

Mel is 21……….in the words of bridget, wow when did that happen….only seems like a wee while ago I gave birth to her………will spare the gory details, but it was painful, who ever said child birth is natural and a wonderful experience was definately a man!!
Anyway, went to Brighton, spent too much money and had pizza, cant have a celebration without the obligotory pizza and beer! anyway as we decided we had enough of shopping and wanted to go down to the beach, dirty great black clouds appeared and neither of us had even a cardi, so I took a few pictures for the album and headed into the car and home………..cant see the goosebumps in the photo but believe me they were there……..
so anyway……….happy birthday mel.
This time of year is so expensive, maddies birthday next week………..october must have been a cold month in 1983 and 1987! why could they have not been a few months apart!!

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