in new zealand

well, arrived here safe but shaken. left on day of bombs in london and consdering my fear of flying since 9/11, I am surprised I managed to get on the plane. When we landed in LA, after a fair bit of turbulance, it was only the throught of Teresa and Yvonne being mad that made me get back on the plane, I seriously considered having a 3 week holiday in sunny LA.driving up the Pacific Coast Highway up to san fransisco…..not that I had it planned!!

But heh, I was btave and got back on the plane…..coming in to Auckland they delayed breakfast due to more turbulance, by the time I got breakfast I was too s**t scared to eat it!!

seeing Tess was like there was not an 18 year gap, we just chatted like old friends, we are both fatter and greyer but otherwise the same.

First 2 days were sunny, like september weather, cold in morning but teashirts during day, considering this was the equivalent of january at home I was impressed. We went to an open home , house was lovely, right on waterfront. Went to see workplace, its a hospital, nothing exciting.

Today weather raining and cold, we borrowed Yvonnes car and drove round a bit………..but definately getting homesick for kids!!

Hope all well at home, hope Mel looking after Grace and dog.

going to northlands tomorrow , will stop night in hotel at Bay of Islands, looking forward to that.


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