Night in the city

For those of you asking for photo’s(Bridget!) I can’t upload them from here, will do that when I get home….(miss you too x)
Did not go up North yet, decided to stay night in the city……I love it…… Brighton in busyness but like the best bits of London for style and things to do……….and there are beaches. Found a house in Shelley Beach Road(which for those of you who know Yvonnes real name will understand why it would be funny if I got that house!!- its Shelley for those of you who did not know!!)
anyway this house is 10 minute walk to beach one way and 20 minute walk into cenre of city the other way. It has a park to walk the dog, loads of things for Grace to do and it is in a fantastic area……….it needs doing up but heh we have never been averse to a challenge…(poor Jeff, I hear you say Kev!!..he would love it!!)Cant seem to find outhow much it is but it would be ideal……anyway going to look at more beach properties today………….sun is up again, I can’t believe this weather for the middle of winter.
We went up sky tower… have to do the touristy things…… way in hell were you getting me to jump off(you can do that, I was not thinking of ending it all) nor was I standing on the glass floor bits, but if I looked out at the horizon it was ok………..really cool to see all round the city……….could not believe how few cars were on the roads considering it was 6 30 in the evening….if this is busy then I can cope with it……Kiwi’s stop whinging about traffice.its busier in Horley!!……….we then stayed on 26th floor of a cool hotel again view was great as long as I did not look down.
Thought shops might be a bit hicky out here, but they had everything that we have back home and I even got a bargain pair of shoes for a tenner………I sussed out the Primark shops!!
Anyway, gotta get ready…………am missing everyone so much though, especially in light of all the problems……keep safe everyone xx

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