where does the time go?

Well, our 3 weeks is up tomorrow……..it has gonso fast! although I have missed my babies and can’t wait to see them.

We have been looking at millions of houses and pieces of land in the past few days……have narrowed it down, but not telling anyone what we have decideed until it happens…….the girls will like it though…………and if its meant to be it will be,

the weather has been great, rain seems to come mostly at night leaving the days like warm spring or early autumn days…….colder at night, but I get more cuddles that way!

well, will load photos when I get back on wednesday, looking forward to the heat wave supposed to be on its way.

see you all soon.



all of you please pray for a very nice man, one of our Consultants who is fighting for his life….please get well Simon x


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