been here a week

Its a week today, it feels like longer, we have done so much!
arrived at Teresa’s after 2 nights in a very hot and humid hong kong, I was too tired to really enjoy it, but been there now, coming in on the plane was amazing, got some great photos which I will post soon, yes, I looked out of the window on the aeroplane!
Stayed at Teresa’s for a few days then moved into rental , we had no furniture so had to go shopping, also people have been great and found beds and bits and pieces, have some great boxes turned upside down with tablecloths over! Got on internet yesterday so that was good.
Hardest time was when I got a call from Maddie to say she had broken arm again! felt a long way away then, but her dad is there and she tells me he has been great looking after her, if not a little over protective, I told her to let him spoil her!!
We bought a house! you know me I get on with things, its like a perfect haven to come home to after a days work, again will post pictures when I have them. We move in on 16th november, just hoping the exchange rate suddenly goes up before we have to transfer the money over.
went to work today, think I am gonna like it there. very flexible with time and things just like back home. start properly end october although flying down to wellington for 2 nights sunday for a symposium on screening, hate flying!! Good opportunity to meet people though.
Gracie has earnt herself $80 for cleaning all the crappy stuff Yvonne did not want to clean, hopefully both parties happy! Gracie going shopping tomorrow! She starts school on 10th october, looks like she is going to jump a year, she is happy, lets see what she thinks when she suddenly has exams etc.
Jeff has had bad ‘flu! on the mend now.
gotta get a car, rental car runs out in 2 weeks.
anyway, thats a quick update
miss people but love it here, altyhough they speak funny!!