xmas is coming………so is summer-weird!!!

Well the shops are full of xmas decorations…….and it gets dark at 8 30 pm…….it is sunny and it rains, but it is warm……..I don’t think I will ever get used to xmas’s in the sun, it is more the build up that is missing, xmas day felt ok last year. The build up though is different coz u can’t see the lights properly, and you should be all happed up not thinking about jandals(flip flops) and t shirts
– altho those that know me well, will know I love wearing jandals, I hate shoes, have a cupboard full of very nice shoes but they last me years coz as soon as I can I get my jandals on!
I am off for 6 weeks at the moment, had an op so having to be careful, it’s a bit frustrating coz there is lots to do in the garden and house and I really have to be careful as I want to get on but my body soon tells me to stop……..so my cupboards have never been so well sorted out, my photos are all in order, my computer filing system now makes sense and my xmas cards are just about ready to send, just need a few little bits to put in them.
Might even get a tan! maddie said she is white,ha maddies idea of white and mine are different! I need to get brown before she gets here, coz she is browner than me to begin with, even if I get out every day…….
Gracie only has 3 weeks of school left then she is off for 8 weeks, next year she sits her GCSE’s, officially this time next year she could leave school, then my babies are all grown up…..Gracie is getting so grown up, she still wants to be a doctor and her school work is good enough if she still wants to do it. She goes to badminton twice a week, and most weekends she either stays at her friends’ houses or they stay here……..she said no matter what she would always feel that coming here was a good thing even if we do go back after her GCSE’s.
This is a possibility, if we are going to go back it has to be then or after her a levels which is another 2 years, but I do miss people at home, my mum, my friends angie, josie, bridget and  both of the girls,  Again, I would never regret coming here, I have learnt such a lot, both in my job and about myself and life.
I would hate to live my life doing the same thing day in day out for years on end, whilst I know it suits some people, you are a long time dead and I think trying new things makes life go slower, it also means when you can no longer do it you have stories to tell…….I love my life and I love the fact that it is not boring.
Early next year I will be a Nanna as both Maddie and Mel will have had their babies. Maddies is due feb and mels is due april.It is strange beng so far away from them when they are pregnant, altho we all speak most days and 12000miles does not stop them from ringing mum to ask midwifery questions..I am doing antenatal classes from here…..the other funny thing they both do is analyse their childhood. Maddie said to me the other day that she was in Crawley and heard 2 little kids swearing, it reminded her of the time I made her eat soap(actually just touched her mouth with it) when she swore, she said at the time she thought I will never do that to my children……….funnily enough she said if her child swears then she will wash his/her mouth with soap too……she said it worked for her. One thing they both said is that no matter how mad I was at them they always felt and knew that I loved them, also that it was ok to make mistakes, we all do………they said they will make sure that their children always know that they are loved because it brought both of them through some difficult times…….it is good to hear them talking about my parenting, coz at times I wondered if I was doing the right things……now I know it could not have been too bad and I did some stuff right.It is great to be so close to them all.
Got parcels from maddie the other day…she is definately my daughter and enjoys giving as much as receiving, it was funny opening pressies and writing it up on MSN as I was doing it.see photos for pressies in use!..chocolate went too quick, no photos of that!!!…..I could feel maddies excitement from here.Cant wait to see her and then Mel next year for her birthday, can’t believe she will be 23…….seems only yesterday I was pregnant with her!
Me and jeff have started to make furniture together, really great fun……..everyone comments how different the stuff is.Have included a photo of the first cabinet, jeff does the woodwork and I do the stained glass panels.. we are making a bathroom cabinet at the moment. I have also done a rennie macintosh rose which is in the kitchen window.
Also pictures of the bush( woods/garden) – still have problem calling it the bush, conjures up different pictures in my head, midwives humour! – it had poured with rain and the trees were glistening, think it captured it a bit, but was stunning once the sun hit them.
Note pictures taken from aeroplane….getting brave now after my 40 + flights……..actually look out the window!