dec o6

well my six weeks off are up…….:-(
I was bored at first but the past few weeks have found plenty to do……becoming a nanna has brought out my creative side, making quilts and bits for the babies. The girls have decided I am gonna be Nanna Angel……and of course thats what I am…well with a wee bit of devil thrown in.
The weather is great here, and whilst it is weird for xmas it also has benefits, everyone is in a holiday mood and its cool sitting outside on a balmy evening with the xmas lights on, it is just later when you can see them properly. Also different seeing santa in shorts and flip flops!!! All the parades are like the UK summer parades but with santa and elves etc!!
Bought table and chairs for garden – although maddie thought we had them already, had some weird dream, also bought pool for madz to sit in, jeff keeps teasing her about losing the water and her size, said to her she wouldnt be able to go shopping coz she wouldnt get through the doors…….she said she wouldnt be able to get on the plane then, he said course you will,you are getting a jumbo plane…….can see some serious ribbing going on when she gets here.
Have arranged her midwife, and guess what, she is English too!!
Mel calls and gets me to explain all her results, she wants me  to go through as much labour as possible using web cam…..that will be funny! she is gonna come over in July for a while.she is funny coz she has put on 7lb and is over 20 weeks…she says she has a bump but when madz saw her she said mum, she walks like an elephant and waddles like a duck but all she looks is bloated!! I told mel and she laughed!Maddie on the other hand looks like an elephant!…….she is definately looking pregnant.
Gracie has finished year 10, so serious study next year for her GCSE’s, she is now off for summer and xmas hols all rolled into 1, she is off for 8 weeks………why do we want to finish school when we are that age, I would love holidays like that again.
She has a boyfriend, Harlan……..well thats for the moment, she tends to get rid of them before she even goes on a date so we will see, but she is so cute when he calls her and she gets all giggly.
got all cards and pressies away…..costs more to send than buy!!!
amyway back to work monday, away in wellington tuesday and wednesday…….unless I win the lottery….

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