waiting for maddie

Well christmas is over, its actually the 27th in the morning(despite what the date says above), Gracie’s friend chelsea stayed over xmas eve, made it less quiet here, they made a gingerbread house, and there was no way was I touching it, they made such a mess, the giggling from the kitchen was great to hear, then they were both asleep by 10!
The main thing I have been waiting for is Maddie, she has been in the air for about 5 hours now……I have been tracking the flight, it worried me her travelling so late but I got reassurance from Ahmed that it would be ok if she wore here stockings( she was discusted with them- nice long white ones), drinks plenty and moves about, she has been checked out by the midwife and GP, Mel has been great and got one of her friend’s who works for air NZ to keep an eye on her, it’s good when people use their contacts to help people! He has my mobile and my home number and will call if any problems…..but I am stilllike a cat on a hot tin roof!!I know I can’t do anything so should be able to sleep but have not been able to…..and then wont sleep much tonight as she arrives 5 45 am……..can’t wait to talk to her in LA!
Have done her room…….santa brought a stocking for her too(as requested) so thats at bottom of bed!
I think it will be great for maddie and jez to have the time here together, normally Jez would have to go back to work and maddie would be left alone with the baby before she feels confident. I think they are both looking forward to family time togethere, learning to be a family. The good thing about here is they can have space and time alone with support if they need it, they will not get any judgemental comments about how to raise a family, only gentle support. By the time they go back they will both feel confident about handling and responding to the baby. Neither of them had the smae up bringing as I had or even maddies dad, we were both used to handling babies coz we were the oldest of big families, it makes a difference.Kids now a days don’t often have experience when they have babies so having that support will be great for them…….oh and I get a bit out of it, I know some people think little babies are boring but I think that watching 2 people become parents and watching the bonding take place is fascinating as well, and being at the birth will be amazing, watching babies being born is magical anyway, watching my grandchild be born will be more so.
anyway, gotta go shop for maddies xmas, there was no point getting it before as sales started now so she gets more for the money…..I still know how to shop for a bargain!
only 21 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “waiting for maddie

  1. Happy Christmas!
    Sorry I missed your messages yesterday – we were watching the Dr Who Christmas special (new familt tradition)
    Got a rather fantastic Christmas card and notepad through the post at work last week too… I loved it, especially the card with Father Christmas on the beach in shorts!
    Will try and catch up with you online soon for a chat – you must be so excited about becoming a Granny. Hope Maddie has had a good flight and she\’s there with you now.
    Miss you loads as always – I sent you the obligatory link to my usual few hundred Christmas photos so you don\’t miss me too much!
    B x
    PS. Got any jobs going?!?!

  2. I see you didn\’t do as you were told and go to sleep – you wrote your blog! Bad mummy!!! Not long now at all – just do lots of knitting today like a good Nanna Angel and the time will fly by! (Fly by…..get it!)
    Lots of Love
    Mellie Angel
    & lots of kisses
    J***** Angel!!!! xxxxx

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