madz is here now and WE are just about recovered from the jetlag.

Well maddie arrived in early hours of the 28th, she said she had slept for 10 hours, I slept for 3!! so we both suffered jet lag!
I could not settle and ended up checking flight status hourly! Mind you meant I got to chat to jez for a couple of hours online, he was like a little lost puppy, there is no doubt in my mind that he loves her to pieces.We had met a couple of times but and chatted via text a bit, but i think he feels ok about coming and staying now……he knows I am a nutter and thus feels right at home!
Maddie has a definate bump now and it is so cool to be able to ‘see’ my granchild, maddie keeps asking me to tell her where the baby is lying, its funny doing that on a pregnant tummy and knowing that it is my grandchild in there. We went shopping and madz cant get over all the different baby clothes that there are here, kept saying we have to wait til jez comes, so only got a few bits although maddie has new clothes for her, she says she feels less dowdy now and is so pretty in them.Its cool going round looking at baby stuff with her though, its what a mum and daughter should do together, and until now it was seperate…although mel does it quite well coz she sends me pictures of things she has seen, so we have a good system of going shopping ‘together’ for baby bits. Wish she was here too, would be great to be all together, but she is coming out in July, which will fly by.
Have included some photos from xmas and of maddie at airport
jeff and her are creased up most of the time kidding each other on, she keeps telling him off coz when she laughs she has a very wobbly tummy and wants to pee!
gracie has gone away on holiday again, to a beach home, she sounds like she is having a great time, nut its weird having her away for more than a night.

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