still waiting but at least it is sunny- AMENDED MELANIE

Well Maddie is still pregnant and is over 39 weeks now, so hopefully soon……..she is like Donkey in Shrek 2 when he keeps saying "are we there yet?" except hers is "is it still there, when is it coming out?".
her and jez are spending good quality time together, something they won’t get to do when they get home and he goes back to work, and it is sunny so they go off to the beach, or go in the pool, today we all went to Kerry Tomato beach as I call it……stunning black sand beach and jez managed to get maddie in the water….see photos.
jez’s real name is Jeremy but we have never known him as that and the other day a woman called asking for Jeremy, Jeff said sorry wrong number! she rang back an hour later and asked again, then said she was calling from England to speak to her son who had come over wth his pregnant girlfriend….the penny dropped and jeff reaalised his boo boo… was jez’s mum!
Gracie has started year 11 and has her mock GCSE’s in May……..suddenly the homework has increased a lot and after 8 weeks holiday she is having to get up early again so is shattered at night.
melanie is still waiting too following her little trip to hospital……..made me realise the distance when I could not get to her, very difficult to be there on the phone…….but the water seems to be increasing so good news.
really funny talking to both of them about antenatal issues……..maddie keeps talking to me about stuff like she is the only one that has say a baby pushing on her bladder………then mel tells me the same……..i keep saying’thats normal’ all the time! Its really weird coz it does not seem that long ago I was waiting for melanie………..where has all the time gone?

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