first night

Well…..the first night home is over and I am babysitting(such a hardship:-) so maddie can have some deep sleep without worrying herself about Mia.
She was up off and on all night but is now managing to feed Mia unaided most of the time.
The two of them together are just lovely…….maddie is such a great mum and is so obviously in love with her baby.
Those that know maddie know she can be stroppy if she has a lack of sleep etc but she has taken to motherhood like a duck to water.
She has changed her nappy several times and every time Mia just poops more black stuff before she has a chance to get her nappy back on!Its great practice for them!
Jez has managed to have a good sleep so hopefully will feel more alert today. yesterday when me and maddie went to bed for an hour( I had been up 30 hours!) he sat with her on his lap and 2 hours later she was still there, he just kept looking at her.I don’t think he can believe it yet.
Think this is going to be the hardest time to let her go back to England!So you lot back there do not grudge me my time now, it will only be short lived for a while.
Looking forward to seeing the next one in July too………………melanie is coming over then and her baby will be 3 – 4 months old.
anyway nanna must go as Mia needs changing and maybe just a little cuddle……..I am more than a little bit in love with her myself! It’s amazing to think that the next generation has started and I think I have not fully taken in that my baby has a baby.

2 thoughts on “first night

  1. I know I am bias but doesn\’t everyone think she is just the most beautiful baby – i have about 10 photos and can\’t stop getting on my pc to see them! Well done Maddie – u sound like your an amazing mum and i am so proud of my little sister and love you both very very much – aren\’t we also so lucky to have the best mum and therefore our little girls will have the best Nanna xx love u all xx

  2. Hiya Mia Angel, great grammy here, you can call me grammy, ok, you are so beautiful, but then you come from great stock don`t you. I can`t believe your mummy is a mummy, she`s so clever isn`t she, and your Nanna who is of course my baby still, is a grandmother, what a wonderful world you have come into, i shall put your poem on the site soon, you know which one, of course you do, but it will be a few days `cause you`ve got me confused, were you born on 8th or the 9th, i guess it`s both huh? I love you already and I do hope to meet you soon. Tell Mummy to give you a big hug, and do hug your Nanna for me too. Love you always
    Grammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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