I am Nanna to Mia Angel Johns age less than 1 day

Well maddie had her baby the early hours of this morning……I have been to many births but this was the most amazing and maddie was fantastic, brave and so clever! Her waters went POP at 7pm last night and then she went thick and fast into labour. at 3 47 Mia Angel Johns appeared in this world.
She weighed 7lb 8oz, has darkish hair with dark blue eyes at the moment.
she love to suck her thumb or fingers and sleeps with her hands up by her face, in fact she was born with one hand at her face.
maddie and jez are besotted with her as is her nanna!
anyway enjoy the photos….I need some sleep before I go on postnatal night watch……they are quick learners and she is taking well to feeding but they still need help.
So that is grandchild number one………number 2 is due in 2 months…….so melanie is avidly waitng for stories from maddie about what it is like.

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