milk coming in 3…….maddie and Jez were up with Mia for a few hours last night but thankfully had managed to have nearly 4 hours sleep prior while I baby sat. Maddie is doing really well with feeding but today milk started coming in and for those that have been through this it can be excrutiatingly painful, breast SO full it makes it difficult to get baby on, also you get a pain when the baby first goes on, it does not last long but for a few seconds its toecurling! I really felt for her but she has done great.the one thing she did say is she has a great bust, like having a free boob job and even posed for the camera,…see below
I did a show bath last night and they are doing the bath themselves tonight……Mia slept for about 3 hours after her bath and had a good feed last night so they are hoping that she will do the same tonight. I have to go to work tomorrow(other than this I am off for 2 weeks) and so there will be noone here for the day, she might also get the blues tomorrow…….but I also think it will be good for them to get a full day to themselves and they can call me, if I have to come away from the meeting then she comes first, but I also think its good for them. I have arranged for the midwife to come in tomorrow as well……….
Mia has got milk spots, little spots on her skin, which are normal for this time……but makes some of her photos show little red areas, it goes.
Gracie babysat while maddie and jez tidied their room and had showers etc…..she is SO proud of her little niece……its a shame mel is not here coz would be good to have them together.
anyway more photos………

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