first day out

last night they got 7 hours sleep in 2 lots…….which at this stage is great. The milk has come in and yesterday maddie felt a bit full and a bit down, but today feels like a new woman. mia is feeding well.
Today Mia had her first trip out since coming home, maddie and Jez wanted me to go in case Mia did not settle but she was great and we were out for over 2 hours.
Mia is changing so much even in only 4 days, she is far more alert and is a nosy baby, we bought some toys today and she is already trying to reach for them. Her eyes are far more open as you can see from the photos.
Maddie is rapidly getting her shape back without even trying, I was the same with Mel and by 4 weeks was back in my jeans, albeit that I needed toning up……..I think Maddie will be the same, not that it worries her or Jez, he is lovely with her  and says she is stunning, which she is, she has a real happy glow about her that only comes from pure contentment. Jez looks at her in that amazed way that this woman could have given him this amazing daughter, it is lovely to watch.

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