becoming great parents

maddie and Jez are really becoming great parents…..they were both nervous about handling a baby as neither had much experience, however, to look at them now you would never have guessed it.
Maddie enjoys breast feeding Mia and says it is so great to know you are continuing to supply the baby with what she needs, she is starting to express off some milk so others can help occasionally, this is in part because of travelling back in a few weeks. Maddie had said she was not sure whether she would feed for more than a few days, but actually likes the time she has with Mia. She did say she feels sorry for those that do not have someone to help them get it established, but that she wants to at least part feed Mia for a while yet……and she is doing a fantastic job. She gets up with her in the night and just gets on with it now with no help.
Jez plays Mia music from my itunes( a very eclectic mix) and says she loves a lot of the old music…..she especially likes Elvis…good girl Mia….Jeff and Grace play her punk!! ( she won’t like that!!). Jez can hold her one handed now which he never thought he would do and talks to her about the world and life and stuff…… is so cute to see. She has his long limbs and I think she will be taller than us girls( we are all about 5’4"………think she will be a couple of inches taller.
can’t believe how time is flying…… the time they go back they will be confident parents who will not be undermined by  the comments that people feel nescessary to say to new parents, ultimately parenting is not something that there are instructions with, and as me and Kev found out….each child can be very different even in the same family…… to me you emphasise what they do right and just guide, ultimately they are the parents and must make their own decisions about things. I think they are doing great, maddie is a lovely young mum who has the whole world in front of her, she is beautiful, loving and has a daughter who is the same……..I am VERY proud of her.

One thought on “becoming great parents

  1. Can\’t wait to see them. Thanks so much for keeping your blog and the picture supply up to date. I feel like I\’m not missing anything. Take care. Kev.

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