old stuff for melanie

Melanie asked me for copies of old newspaper artiles etc for Mia and her baby’s scrapbooks, so here you go Mel…. and maddie.
It was strange when Maddie went back but technology means I still get to watch Mia having a bath, kicking her legs and watching TV etc.
I miss my snuggly cuddles though, she used to snuggle right up to me and go off to sleep, I wasnt as good as her mum and dad, but I was a good substitute.Technology has not managed to sort that out. It is so much better even from when my girls were little, my mum missed big chunks of their life out, whereas I can see Mia and * every day, soon they will chat to nanna, kids learn technology far quicker than us adults did!
Well it is strange,I come to New Zealand and get the Queen’s birthday off as a bank holiday where we did not in the UK. Also got to meet Prince Andrew at Government House……I know so much more about the UK parliamentary system since coming here, more about royalty, people say but your are from the UK….ho can you not know. ( the NZ parlliamentary system is based on the Westminster one).
winter is on its way here, although still at 12 -14′ at night, but great for cuddling up.
Gracie sits her GCSE’s this year and is exhausted by 9pm as she has so much homework, she is so different as a teenager than the others were at the same age. Kids stay kids a bit longer here and because she goes to a private school there is much more emphasis on hard work and study skills, its one of the concerns I have about coming home. Also a part of me wants to give the others a chance to have their children brought up here, it is definately a much nicer place for children to grow up in, so much outdoor stuff, kids stay as groups not couples for so much longer and i think in many ways they have more freedom than in the UK to be individuals, there does not appear to be a stereotypical teenager, its ok to like what you want, to be who you are……and they definately have a much more eclectic taste in music.

holiday and then goodbye

Well they have all left…….they will just be boarding the plane now and the house is so quiet.
We had a really great time up in the Bay of Islands, think Jez fell in love with it.
Mia has changed such a lot in the 4 weeks since she was born, she is so wide eyed and is now 4.1kg, she feels chunkier and has little chubby cheeks.Maddie on the other hand is doing what I did and rapidly losing her chubby cheeks. She is so happy feeding Mia herself, and was so pleased when Mia had put on so much weight, she said some people have been quite negative to her about brestfeeding but she said it is great and she is happy to be doing it.
Maddie is looking forward to seeing everyone, she said it will be nice to see her dad with the baby, he was always great with them as babies too and I think maddie was unaware of some of the things he used to do like dance with them, let them fall asleep on his chest and play a lot with them, she was only 2 when he left and so did not remember, I think she hopes to see this with him with Mia, amazing to think we are grandparents now, it does not seem that long ago we were waiting for them.
anyway, some photos of the holiday, and a few from today and leaving at the airport.
I am looking forward to the next one.