holiday and then goodbye

Well they have all left…….they will just be boarding the plane now and the house is so quiet.
We had a really great time up in the Bay of Islands, think Jez fell in love with it.
Mia has changed such a lot in the 4 weeks since she was born, she is so wide eyed and is now 4.1kg, she feels chunkier and has little chubby cheeks.Maddie on the other hand is doing what I did and rapidly losing her chubby cheeks. She is so happy feeding Mia herself, and was so pleased when Mia had put on so much weight, she said some people have been quite negative to her about brestfeeding but she said it is great and she is happy to be doing it.
Maddie is looking forward to seeing everyone, she said it will be nice to see her dad with the baby, he was always great with them as babies too and I think maddie was unaware of some of the things he used to do like dance with them, let them fall asleep on his chest and play a lot with them, she was only 2 when he left and so did not remember, I think she hopes to see this with him with Mia, amazing to think we are grandparents now, it does not seem that long ago we were waiting for them.
anyway, some photos of the holiday, and a few from today and leaving at the airport.
I am looking forward to the next one.

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