more pics for you mel and maddie

A few more photos made with digital scrapbooking.
Mel I borrowed the sydney photo for my cities collage page,

scrapbooking jessica and melanie

Spoke with Melanie today and gurgled at Jessica……..or was it the other way round…..they got home in the last 12 hours so tonight will be first time not in hospital, which Melanie happy about because she said hard to sleep there, good thng is I am awake during her night so if she wants to check something I am able to advise.
 have been playing with some of the photos I have of Jessica and melanie so have enclosed them here.

gracies photo’s from wellington

Grace came down to Wellington with me this week, I had to be down for 3 days for work and as I was really busy Grace went off on her own with her camera, I think she got some really good shots.
She did not like being on the 21st floor of the Copthorne Hotel ( still makes me smile given that I have lived in the real copthorne for so many years of my life!) – anyway Grace didnt like it so ended up sleeping in my bed with me, so between her and Melanie being in labour I didnt get a lot of sleep….and I had to meet with the Minister!did not feel at my best!
Grace also was not too impressed when she heard that she needed to know the earthquake drill….her face was a picture!
We had  a really good time though.

a nanna again 9 weeks later

Melanie had a little girl yesterda,Melanie ended up with an emergency section as Jessica’s heart rate went down after getting to fully, but they are both fine so thats the main thing.
Jessica Angela Penniluck weighed in at 71b 8oz.
I found it really difficult being so far away especially when I knew that she should have delivered, and wanted to do a little shirley maclain in terms of endearment where she shouts at the staff and asks when they are going to help her daughter.
Maddie was great and we stayed on line chatting to each other about very strange things like what to call girls bits(not allowed to use the real name) coz grace doesnt like any of the given names…….so now going to be called her violet!!! haha you missed out on that converstaion Melanie ……..maddie came up with some great names…haha. 
pic of Jessica below, just after birth , she had been through the mill,coz was on her way out one way and ended up being shoved back to come out the other way, probably wondering whats going on. She has very blonde hair and puts her arms up and clenches her fists….little toy in her bassinett was from auckland zoo.Look forward to photos with her mum who did amazing and says she is so in love with her baby. Look forward to seeing them both soon.

21 again

Found new software that allows me to make up scrapbook pages and share them, not quite as much fun as sticking but chaeper( unless you want to print 12×12. Mel and maddie can make the pages up and share them too.
still waiting for new baby…….difficult being so far away from melanie when she has on off early labur, difficult to support her on the phone, can’t wait to hear the news……won’t be long Melanie… can do it and it will be worth it.
well, I was 21 AGAIN last week……got a rocking, reclining lazy boy chair, got some ibbing at work about that,,,,granny and her rocking chair.