coming home

well we made the decsion to come home sometime after December the 14th( Grace has school commitmenst until then).I will miss the weather, the space and my job but………….
I want to be home and be part of all my girls lives, it was ok when the girls had not got babies as they were building up their lives with partners etc, but both of them have said they really want their mum there to help them become mummies too. I love watching them on the webcam with their babies, funny watching your child with her child. Even though I see them most days it is not the same as having hugs!and difficult to dance around the house to the locomotion when you are all in dfferent places.
Also looking forward to being able to just pop up to scotland to see mum as well.
The girls have said they want to be able to just pop in like they used to when i was back home, my home has always been their home too, like Grandads was to me and them. as their girls get bigger they will do the same, Nanna’s house will be another home to them, this does mean that my home will have to be child friendly again and when it comes to choosing a house to live i this will be part of our consideration, the girls need a room they can have as their own just like we did at Grandads, be great having kiddie stuff about again, Grace thinks its great cos she will have an excuse to watch kiddie videos…
anyway before that melanie is coming out with Jessie, be great for her to cuddle her Nanna! Then mum and da are coming out and Grace sits her GCSE’s(wow my baby is finishing school…….college next),got to seel the house……….have handed my notice in already!
anyway some new photos attached.

2 thoughts on “coming home

  1. I can\’t wait to be able to pop round on a sat morning, fresh bread, nice coffee, everyone wondering about, music on !!!! and now with the kids running around (and the kids doesn\’t mean me) I really am soooo excited, so glad your all coming home !!!
    Ree cant believe your sitting GSCE\’s – you will do great – your so determined and you will achieve whatever you want to !!!
    Jeff…. your in for it – a mini me …. hehe she just cant wait to hear elvis again lol
    Love you all!

  2. Well said Maddie!!!
    Wanted to also say that I love waking up in the morning and reading the new songs and memories on your website – it makes it even more exciting for you coming home as we can listen to all the songs together again! Only 3 years and then you will have Mini Mel and Mini Maddie wanting to do their fashion show (although WE will get their clothes out!!! You and Jeff were just suckers letting us do it!!), and we will come to you to get the Neil Diamond album when they are 14 (although hopefully if Grace does her stuff they will want to stay children! Thanks Ree!).
    The day you get our new family home you can make the casserole in the slow cooker, I will bring the bread, Jeff can be the punchbag for the girls (dead legs all round!!!), Maddie can buy the dougnuts from Waitrose (we are going to have to buy 2 packs now there are more of us!) and Ree can be putting the music on (as her music choice is sooo good now and if we let Jeff do it we might end up with the Wanderer as well as a load of Punk!!!)
    Cant Wait!!! Cant Wait!!! Cant Wait!!!
    Anyway, love you all loads, Jessica sends you all a big wet kiss!!
    M & J

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