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Monthly Archives: July, 2007


I can’t believe it, but today marks 5 years since Grandad died. It seems like yesterday that I got the phone call from Maddie and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts. He was such a big part of our lives and left a massive hole when he left,some days …

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19 years ago my 2nd baby was beginning to give me bad cramps!

Well this time 19 years ago Kev had dropped me at my gran and grandads coz I had an antenatal appointment and I had been niggling overnight, in fact had been restless and unbeknown to him had done the ironing on the dining table coz the ironing board squeaked and didnt want to waken anyone. …

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Guns and roses concert

Went to Guns and Roses concert Saturday night with Grace……….got in at 3am! Grace absolutley loved it and her face was a picture whenever any of the songs came on that she knew. There was also 2 support bands as GnR idnt come on until 11 45pm, they were Rose Tattoo ( the lead singer …

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Happy 23rd birthday to my first baby

Well I have to say that being at the |Guns and roses concert last night beats the pain I was in 23 years go! But wasn’t as productive…….nor as expensive as the outcome I had way back then.   Happy birthday Melanie, I write this at the time I would have started pushing.( the time …

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