Happy 23rd birthday to my first baby

Well I have to say that being at the |Guns and roses concert last night beats the pain I was in 23 years go! But wasn’t as productive…….nor as expensive as the outcome I had way back then.
Happy birthday Melanie, I write this at the time I would have started pushing.( the time stated above is NZ time!)……and I know you will hate to miss me making reference to your birth……..it was always such fun to start to tell you all what I was doing all those years before, often to see a grimace and an ‘I don’t need to know that’! funny, I don’t think it would worry you so much now! I think you and Maddie will now have an understanding of how your childs birthday brings back memories of their birth……..and those of my friends who are also midwives will understand my pain when I say that you were born OP……….awkward litle baby! My mum and Kev also suffered the pain coz they were the ones having to rub my back for SOOOO many hours!
anyway you were born and you were so sweet and little………..how can we be nearly a quarter of a century later?
so miss you lots, wish I was there……….but will be next year!
so just for those who maybe didnt know melanie before here is a little picture hstory, although she has all the best photos as we did not have digital cameras way back then!!
Happy Birthday Baby……..love you lots from Mummy bear, Jeff, Gracie-ree and Frankie

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