19 years ago my 2nd baby was beginning to give me bad cramps!

Well this time 19 years ago Kev had dropped me at my gran and grandads coz I had an antenatal appointment and I had been niggling overnight, in fact had been restless and unbeknown to him had done the ironing on the dining table coz the ironing board squeaked and didnt want to waken anyone. I  had put a blanket and a towel on it but forgot steam would go all the way through and burnt the table…I didnt tell him until was in labour with maddie hehe.
Anyway that day kept niggling, did all grans housework and when I went for my appointment was told yes I was in labour……grandad was so funny coz he had melanie with him (when I came out of the appointment , I came back to find him in the toy corner, on the floor with mel!) he didnt know whether to stay with me or take her home,he was woried Kev wouldnt make it….I told him if I was that lucky to have her so quick, then it was ok.
As it was, I had plenty of time before she came along, and even missed out on my free mug coz the bugger idnt come along until 00 58 on the 6th, it was the anniversary of the HS and all babies born on the 5th got a mug…..they would not give me one!
Anyway…..I can’t believe that my baby number 2 is 19 years old……..last year as a teenager, amazing how time flies and she is a mum. Whilst some think she is too young to have a baby, I was 19 when I had Mel and I am so glad coz I was young enough when I had my children that we are such good friends now.
So Maddie Happy Birthday Baby…….Love you lots……..mummy bear, jeffie, gracie-ree and frankie xxxxxxx
hope you all like the photos – got a few more electronic ones of maddie coz she left her photos here !

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