Happy Birthday Gran

  It would have been my Gran McGinnis’s birthday today……..my preyer is that she is up there with Grandad celebrating and looking down on the vast family that their union produced.
Happy Birthday Gran, love always angela and girls xxxxxxxxxxx

My youngest baby is 15! Happy birthday Ree

 Well I cannot believe that Ree is 15…….officially in NZ she can drive!
She has grown up so much in the last 2 years, I think people back in the UK arein for a bit of a shock.
She went off to see The Cure last night and it is just so funny that she goes off to concerts and stuff……although she still likes to get treated as my little girl ( but then all the girls say they won’t relinquish that right – just becaus ethey have babies does not mean that they want to be ignored or replaced!)
so in keeping with the birthday messages for the other 2 earlier this year, here are a few photos of Grace
Happy Birthday Baby
lots of love
Mummy Bear , Dad and Frankie xxxxxxxxx

well done Maddie

Just to say well done Maddie in getting your job, you prepared really well for it and I know that Lesley is a hard task master and would not have given you a job if she was not impressed with you……and being my daughter could have gone against you as they would not employ someone related  unless they really thought you were going to be an asset, often they will not employ staff with family links so you must have come across really well.
Also, I did not talk to them about you at all………so you absolutely got this job on your own merits…..very proud of you and it will definately give you a step up when it comes to doing your  nursing/ midwifery. 

house sold

 The house went unconditional yesterday ( which is the same as exchanging contracts in the UK, deposit paid).
move out date is 28th september at which time we are moving into yvonne’s beach house – good timing yvonne!
pictures of view attached.
we leave to come home on 14th november and will stop in sydney for a couple of days.
gracie has GCSE’s in that time.
melanie and jessica coming out and so is mum and Da!
I am going half time at end of August and last day is 6th november so we can go up to the Bay of Islands one last time.
so its going to be go go go……..can’t wait to be home……..believe chrismas plans are going on haha
Angie and Dave better get on with decorating coz we will be home 3 weeks earlier now.