mum and da in NZ

Well mum and da braved the LONG journey to get here, and agreed it was a LONG LONG journey but hopefully they will have some good memories to take back.
Da is raring to go even though he is exhausted and mum just wants to chill for a few days which suits me and jeff because we are packing up and moving this thursday/friday. We have packers in at the moment who will take 3/4 of the furniture and stuff into storage, the rest is going to the beach house ………so the house is a bit frantic but I do think it was good that they could come and see the house here. Mum loves the decking that is covered and means you can sit and look out at the view.
Both of them suffer a bit because there is no central heating so whilst it is not freezing by any means it seems cool to them at times..especially Da who likes the heating on in the middle of summer anyway.
I have 2 days work tomorrow and thursday and the packing will continue during this time then I am off for 10 days and we will go off and explore new zealand, I think Da will prefer that as he wants to do stuff every day.
Da has got lost a couple of times and as my car is automatic wants to change gear al the time so if they go out mum has to keep her hand on the gearstick to stop him.
He loves the mince and cheese pies.
Will put photos on when the men get out of my way so that I can get them online……some funny ones of Da.