3 weeks gone

 Well it is hard to believe but Mum and da have had 3 weeks of their holiday, they have 12 days left.
They have been to loads of places and  think have had a great time….unfortunately Gilly died a few days after  they got here….she was old for a dog but they feel bad that it happened after they left and that Tammy had to deal with it…..well done Tammy, they would not have come over unless they felt you would be able to cope with what they knew could happen……….I got the better end of the stick here. It will be hard for them to come back to an empty house though.
Anyway Mum and Da have both said they have done more walking and excercising than they have done in years and I think it has done them both good.
Mum wants to take the decking at Yvonnes house home with her and the view of the water, Da and her both walk down to the beach each day and I think they will take bad going back to cold winter in the UK.
We just got back from the Coromandel and last week went to the Bay of Islands, so more photos to come.