where has all the time gone?part 1

well, we have been back almost 18 months now…….I am really not sure how that time has passed by so quickly.
we left NZ on 14th November 2007, we stopped on route in LA and stayed in Venice Beach which I loved.

We landed in Heathrow on 18th November and were picled up by Melanieand Jessica & Maddie and Mia…It was great seeing them all, we went for coffee and then went in different cars to be taken back to Angie and Daves, where we stayed whilst we found a house etc. This was hard when I wanted to see the girls as the dogs don’t like children and so it was a bit strained spending time with them.

Angie was so sweet though and had done out the upstairs rooms so that we could have a private area and had set up the room downstairs for Grace….the stairs creaked though at night and every time I got up for the loo, I set the dogs off.

We viewed many houses and had it down to about 4 we liked….in the end we went for the one with most space, near to facilities and Gracies school. However, it had not been touched for about 25 years and was like going back into the 1970’s! Anyway we completed within 2 weeks of giving our offer and were able to move in on 19th December……however, our furniture was still on the sea, so we used some furniture that got left behind and borrowed blow up mattresses for the floor, but it was ours and was great.