I have finished work for a year in order to finish my MSc. It feels really good to take some time out and means that I see friends and family more as I am stressing less about all the chores.I have been chasing my tail for nearly 19 years now and had to put the brakes on and realsie there is more to life than money and the power of being at the top of your game….the difference now is that I know I can do anything I set my mind to; for the girl that left school with 3 O Grades I think I have proved myself enough……….and I am not sure that any of it matters, only people matter.
this year has held a couple of big events – I climbed Ben nevis and went on a cruise – wow to both.
Christmas is coming and it is going to be great…I am going to make lots of bits because I have time to.
Gracie has just got back from Sierra Leone and has her new car courtesy of Grandad, she goes off to Uni next year and then all my babies have flown the nest….although funnily enough they never fly far or for long….I hoped to vreate a place like Belle Vue was for us that feels like home to them…and I think where we are has the makings of that.
Maddie has started her nursing course and is loving it…..she will make a fantastic nurse and ensure that Mia has a wonderful life.
mel is thinking of coming back from Somerset, she has finally got rid of the loser she was with and hopefully will start her life…. I was 25 when I started mine properly, so its never too late.
Jeff and me are just great, I love being with him and I hope we are given the time to grow old together.