Dad died , alone. The date given was 6/4/10…but maybe he died before that.At this moment we still do not have a cause of death.
I feel such a mix of emotions…… always as the oldest, I get into efficiency mode, trying to get everything done that needs to be done.
With Gran and Grandad that was easier than this. Dad was only 66 and difficult to get into the deeper layers to know what he felt about things or people.

2 thoughts on “dad

  1. You loved him im sure he know that, he lived his life the way he wanted, 66 is not old i hope he did not suffer, we have no say in just when our time is up, remember all the good times spent with your dad, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx he would want that xoxo

  2. Dad actually died on 4th April… Easter day. His heart just stopped. I feel really sad that he died alone and that he was notfound for 2 days. I still can\’t believe it and nearly 5 months have gone….

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