Life is always changing…

It has been a few years and yet always feels such a short time between blogs… Mia and Jessie are 6 , Jessie has a new sister Tiajna Lily Grace… And I was at the birth… Amazing. Also Grace had a baby ,Brooke Isabella and I was also at her birth and cut her cord too. Amazing watching ¬†grandchildren be born.

Maddie qualified as a nurse and works in Paeds A&E. Gracie is due to finish her degree in June .

I started my HV training last September and it is flying by – a full on course, but am learning so much. Safeguarding is a large part but there are many good days too , although it certainly makes me question my parenting styles…¬†

I have really started learning to draw and paint via an online course, it incorporates all the things I love about reflection on life, quotes, positive affirmations as well as mixed media art РI really enjoy it and would love to learn it well enough to sell my art Рmaybe it is a thing I do when I retire !