Life is always changing…

It has been a few years and yet always feels such a short time between blogs… Mia and Jessie are 6 , Jessie has a new sister Tiajna Lily Grace… And I was at the birth… Amazing. Also Grace had a baby ,Brooke Isabella and I was also at her birth and cut her cord too. Amazing watching  grandchildren be born.

Maddie qualified as a nurse and works in Paeds A&E. Gracie is due to finish her degree in June .

I started my HV training last September and it is flying by – a full on course, but am learning so much. Safeguarding is a large part but there are many good days too , although it certainly makes me question my parenting styles… 

I have really started learning to draw and paint via an online course, it incorporates all the things I love about reflection on life, quotes, positive affirmations as well as mixed media art – I really enjoy it and would love to learn it well enough to sell my art – maybe it is a thing I do when I retire ! 


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