Art and other things

The past few months have been a far more creative time in my life, a lot of learning and trying to find out what I like.

I did some sewing through soul comfort ( Brave Girls club) and have learnt art journalling. Now I am trying to learn to draw, I like the whimsy , non realistic look best as that fits with the type of mixed media I do and currently I am doing The Boot series by Christy Tomlinson , looking at learning to draw figures and clothing, especially boots.

I am also doing Jane Davenports’ beginner classes in drawing and art journalling, Draw Happy and Supplies me

below are some of the pieces I have done recently and they are up as a record for me as hopefully I progress and can look back at how naive these pieces are.

IMG_6663 IMG_6662 IMG_6661 IMG_6647 553176_10151193387934149_1639326030_n 46376_10151190179489149_1931685815_n 64543_10151190179554149_376343027_n 541763_10151190179549149_1042825301_n 1318_10151511382069149_1270629698_n IMG_1851 IMG_5068 IMG_5063 IMG_4583 IMG_5062 IMG_5277 IMG_5281 IMG_5301 IMG_1868 IMG_6487 IMG_6531