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My youngest baby is 15! Happy birthday Ree

 Well I cannot believe that Ree is 15…….officially in NZ she can drive!
She has grown up so much in the last 2 years, I think people back in the UK arein for a bit of a shock.
She went off to see The Cure last night and it is just so funny that she goes off to concerts and stuff……although she still likes to get treated as my little girl ( but then all the girls say they won’t relinquish that right – just becaus ethey have babies does not mean that they want to be ignored or replaced!)
so in keeping with the birthday messages for the other 2 earlier this year, here are a few photos of Grace
Happy Birthday Baby
lots of love
Mummy Bear , Dad and Frankie xxxxxxxxx

well done Maddie

Just to say well done Maddie in getting your job, you prepared really well for it and I know that Lesley is a hard task master and would not have given you a job if she was not impressed with you……and being my daughter could have gone against you as they would not employ someone related  unless they really thought you were going to be an asset, often they will not employ staff with family links so you must have come across really well.
Also, I did not talk to them about you at all………so you absolutely got this job on your own merits…..very proud of you and it will definately give you a step up when it comes to doing your  nursing/ midwifery. 

new scrapped photos

house sold

 The house went unconditional yesterday ( which is the same as exchanging contracts in the UK, deposit paid).
move out date is 28th september at which time we are moving into yvonne’s beach house – good timing yvonne!
pictures of view attached.
we leave to come home on 14th november and will stop in sydney for a couple of days.
gracie has GCSE’s in that time.
melanie and jessica coming out and so is mum and Da!
I am going half time at end of August and last day is 6th november so we can go up to the Bay of Islands one last time.
so its going to be go go go……..can’t wait to be home……..believe chrismas plans are going on haha
Angie and Dave better get on with decorating coz we will be home 3 weeks earlier now.


I can’t believe it, but today marks 5 years since Grandad died.
It seems like yesterday that I got the phone call from Maddie and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts.
He was such a big part of our lives and left a massive hole when he left,some days it still chokes me when I realise he is not here, he was one of my best friends and there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t speak to him about.
Anyway, this is just to say…
Grandad, we love you and miss you so much, i wish you were here to see your new girls, hopefully you can see us all from where you are. xxxxxxxxx

19 years ago my 2nd baby was beginning to give me bad cramps!

Well this time 19 years ago Kev had dropped me at my gran and grandads coz I had an antenatal appointment and I had been niggling overnight, in fact had been restless and unbeknown to him had done the ironing on the dining table coz the ironing board squeaked and didnt want to waken anyone. I  had put a blanket and a towel on it but forgot steam would go all the way through and burnt the table…I didnt tell him until was in labour with maddie hehe.
Anyway that day kept niggling, did all grans housework and when I went for my appointment was told yes I was in labour……grandad was so funny coz he had melanie with him (when I came out of the appointment , I came back to find him in the toy corner, on the floor with mel!) he didnt know whether to stay with me or take her home,he was woried Kev wouldnt make it….I told him if I was that lucky to have her so quick, then it was ok.
As it was, I had plenty of time before she came along, and even missed out on my free mug coz the bugger idnt come along until 00 58 on the 6th, it was the anniversary of the HS and all babies born on the 5th got a mug…..they would not give me one!
Anyway…..I can’t believe that my baby number 2 is 19 years old……..last year as a teenager, amazing how time flies and she is a mum. Whilst some think she is too young to have a baby, I was 19 when I had Mel and I am so glad coz I was young enough when I had my children that we are such good friends now.
So Maddie Happy Birthday Baby…….Love you lots……..mummy bear, jeffie, gracie-ree and frankie xxxxxxx
hope you all like the photos – got a few more electronic ones of maddie coz she left her photos here !

Guns and roses concert

Went to Guns and Roses concert Saturday night with Grace……….got in at 3am!
Grace absolutley loved it and her face was a picture whenever any of the songs came on that she knew.
There was also 2 support bands as GnR idnt come on until 11 45pm, they were Rose Tattoo ( the lead singer looked like our friend Larry) and then Sebastian Bach came on ( was in Skid Row and wason Gilore girls)- he was really good.
We had great seats and we about 20 feet from the stage.
anyway, gracie is definately a rock chick now, she keeps playing all my old heavy rock albums, its so funny.

Happy 23rd birthday to my first baby

Well I have to say that being at the |Guns and roses concert last night beats the pain I was in 23 years go! But wasn’t as productive…….nor as expensive as the outcome I had way back then.
Happy birthday Melanie, I write this at the time I would have started pushing.( the time stated above is NZ time!)……and I know you will hate to miss me making reference to your birth…… was always such fun to start to tell you all what I was doing all those years before, often to see a grimace and an ‘I don’t need to know that’! funny, I don’t think it would worry you so much now! I think you and Maddie will now have an understanding of how your childs birthday brings back memories of their birth……..and those of my friends who are also midwives will understand my pain when I say that you were born OP……….awkward litle baby! My mum and Kev also suffered the pain coz they were the ones having to rub my back for SOOOO many hours!
anyway you were born and you were so sweet and little……… can we be nearly a quarter of a century later?
so miss you lots, wish I was there……….but will be next year!
so just for those who maybe didnt know melanie before here is a little picture hstory, although she has all the best photos as we did not have digital cameras way back then!!
Happy Birthday Baby…… you lots from Mummy bear, Jeff, Gracie-ree and Frankie

coming home

well we made the decsion to come home sometime after December the 14th( Grace has school commitmenst until then).I will miss the weather, the space and my job but………….
I want to be home and be part of all my girls lives, it was ok when the girls had not got babies as they were building up their lives with partners etc, but both of them have said they really want their mum there to help them become mummies too. I love watching them on the webcam with their babies, funny watching your child with her child. Even though I see them most days it is not the same as having hugs!and difficult to dance around the house to the locomotion when you are all in dfferent places.
Also looking forward to being able to just pop up to scotland to see mum as well.
The girls have said they want to be able to just pop in like they used to when i was back home, my home has always been their home too, like Grandads was to me and them. as their girls get bigger they will do the same, Nanna’s house will be another home to them, this does mean that my home will have to be child friendly again and when it comes to choosing a house to live i this will be part of our consideration, the girls need a room they can have as their own just like we did at Grandads, be great having kiddie stuff about again, Grace thinks its great cos she will have an excuse to watch kiddie videos…
anyway before that melanie is coming out with Jessie, be great for her to cuddle her Nanna! Then mum and da are coming out and Grace sits her GCSE’s(wow my baby is finishing school…….college next),got to seel the house……….have handed my notice in already!
anyway some new photos attached.

more photos